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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meet the Cast

"We could be so good together"

Introducing the awkwardly charming Walter Gloom, and Delightfully Voluptuous Edna Thorn

Walter Gloom (aka. Walt)

Each morning at 11am Walter Gloom would sit inside of the Charcoal Café Drinking his Double shot espresso and watching as the world and its people passed him by. A man of many years and many stories Walter never managed to find true love. And anytime he got close to a lady he found himself incredibly shy and nervous, the ladies at the time must have thought him to be rather odd indeed, never being able to finish a full sentence and often very clumsy. After awhile Walter just began to give up hope that he would ever find a woman to share his love, and life with.

Though one morning as he prepared to order his usual double shot espresso a new waitress he had never seen before approached him at his table in the corner of the café. Suddenly the warmth in his heart that had been hidden in the darkness like an abandoned factory, powered back up. All the bats turned to Butterflies, Cobwebs to Flowers.

Edna Thorn

When Edna was at school she was constantly bullied about being big.Since then she has always been very self conscious about her weight and as a result has spent most of her life alone within the walls of her lake side cottage reading books about romance that she thought she would never experience for herself.

Well after many months in isolation Edna decided to have one last shot at the world and took a job at a local coffee shop, and on her very first day she came across a shy, yet charming old man who never once seemed to pass judgment, he would later confess to Edna's disbelief that he thought her to be the most beautiful Enchantress he had ever seen, So much so that she made his coffee sweater just by serving it.

This man was Walter Gloom.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Edna's Cottage

Above is a rough sketch of Edna's Cottage.

Since the beginning of this production Edna's Cottage has gone through many evolutionary steps. And as the weeks go by it seems to become more and more alive and fleshed out. Adding little things here and there I'm having a lot of fun watching it come together in front of my eyes. To give you an idea of the overall feeling I was going for when designing Edna's Cottage. It would be something improbable yet believable with twisted and bent angles, with an eerie yet cozy quality to it.

I will put some more sketches up in the following weeks. And a lot more info on all the things good, bad and other that have been taking place during these early stages of the film.Take care.