Monday, April 6, 2009

Edna's Cottage

Above is a rough sketch of Edna's Cottage.

Since the beginning of this production Edna's Cottage has gone through many evolutionary steps. And as the weeks go by it seems to become more and more alive and fleshed out. Adding little things here and there I'm having a lot of fun watching it come together in front of my eyes. To give you an idea of the overall feeling I was going for when designing Edna's Cottage. It would be something improbable yet believable with twisted and bent angles, with an eerie yet cozy quality to it.

I will put some more sketches up in the following weeks. And a lot more info on all the things good, bad and other that have been taking place during these early stages of the film.Take care.



  1. This one looks really nice - and slightly remembers me of a cupcake (i think that is the name - like small cakes in a cup of paper...). Very nice swirls and the shadow behind the left window's wing (English ?) adds something.
    And next to looking really good - it looks like someone might live in this house. There is some kind of style that was 'established' through 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' - swirls, strange angles etc. And many people just copy it blindly, but you made something, that might seem 'inspired', but in comparison to other drawings/artwork, it looks quite 'useful' and not just 'style and nothing else'. This little house might even really exist (in a place very close to reality) !
    So all the best !


  2. The house design looks great James. Love those curly trees - look like they'll be a lot of fun to make! I like the idea of having some big fore-ground trees and plants close to the camera too.